3 Ways To Reduce Your Car Insurance Premium

While you may already know that staying accident-free and driving safely can help keep your car insurance premium low, there are other things you can do to reduce your premium. Below are things you can do and discuss with your car insurance company to find the ideal premium for you and your household:

List Your Vehicle's Safety Features

One thing you can do to help reduce the premium on a particular vehicle is to list any safety features that either came installed or ones that you added on after buying it. Since these features are designed to protect you and your passengers in case of an accident, having these features could also save the insurance company money.

If you did not list features such as seat belts, air bags, or anti-lock brakes when you signed up for your insurance, speak with your agent so they can document this information on your account. Then, they may be able to offer you a percentage off of your premium for having and maintaining these important safety mechanisms.

Enroll in a Safe Driving Course

If you have never had an accident, you may already be receiving some sort of discount for being a safe driver. However, you could take this discount even further by enrolling in a safe driving course.

Safe driving courses are designed to teach you about road safety, as well as give you tips on staying aware of your surroundings while driving so you can avoid an accident. Especially if you take a course recommended by your car insurance company, you may be able to receive more of a discount for being a safe driver than you already receive.

Ask about Specialty Discounts

When you speak with your car insurance agent about how to reduce your premium, ask if they offer any special discounts. For example, if you are a senior citizen with no past history of accidents, you may be able to get a discount based on your age.

Or, if you either actively serve in the military or are a veteran, you may be entitled to receive a discount on your premium. When you speak with the insurance agent, try to think of and mention any special circumstances that could give you further discounts.

The above tips list only some of the ways you may be able to lower the premium for your auto insurance. For more ideas, speak with your car insurance company to discuss your specific situation to see if they can help you keep your premium at a minimum while maintaining the maximum amount of coverage.

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