What You Need To Know About FR-44 Insurance If You Need It

Getting caught drinking and driving can leave you with a lot of consequences, and these consequences can affect your right to drive. If you live in Virginia or Florida and were recently charged with a DUI, there is a good chance you will lose your driving privileges. In some cases, though, people convicted of DUIs are able to regain their driving privileges by getting a special type of car insurance called FR-44.

What is FR-44?

FR-44 is insurance that is mandatory in these two states for people who are charged with a variety of different driving crimes. To get FR-44 coverage, you must contact a car insurance company that offers this, and you should expect to pay more for it. When you buy the policy, your insurance company will notify the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to let them know that you have a policy in place.

A typical FR-44 policy will have a lot more liability coverage than a regular auto insurance policy. The purpose of this is to provide extra protection to other people. People who drive under the influence have a greater chance of causing accidents because they are impaired. This often leaves innocent people injured or even killed, and states like to protect innocent people by forcing high-risk drivers to have more insurance coverage.

What else do you need to know about FR-44?

When you purchase FR-44 insurance, you will typically be required to pay a $25 fee. This is standard for anyone who needs this type of coverage. This fee is simply for the application, but it does not cover the actual costs of the insurance. Your insurance company will know how much coverage to give you in this policy, because they will know what the requirements are in your state.

Before you get FR-44 coverage, you should make sure that this is something you need, and that purchasing it will give you your license back. You can find this out by talking to your local DMV or your lawyer. Failing to get the policy or pay your premiums will result in losing your driving privileges or not getting them reinstated after your DUI.

If you found out that you need FR-44 insurance to get your license back, you will need to call an auto insurance company such as Livings Insurance to find out how to get a policy in place. You can contact several companies for quotes, if desired, but you should realize that this type of insurance will be more costly than regular insurance.