Home Bakery: Oven Fire Prevention And The Need For Business Insurance

If you run a home bakery, one of the threats your business faces is that of oven fires. What is more, insurance protection may not be there for you in case of oven fire damage. Take precautions to prevent oven fires and ensure you have relevant insurance coverage.

Preventing Oven Fires

Fire can damage not only your oven, but also your kitchen, supplies, and even the whole house. The best way to prevent such damages is to prevent oven fires. Here are a few prevention tips to use.

Keep the Oven Clean

Debris in the oven can ignite and cause a fire. This can easily happen if the debris has a lower ignition point than the food you are preparing. Therefore, clean your oven after every use or make sure your oven is clean, before you turn it on.

Set a Timer

Even if you are a seasoned baker, you are safer with the timer than without it. The timer is not just to alert you when the food is ready; it also helps you overcooking things, since that can lead to fire outbreaks.

Cover Food in the Oven

Ingredients, mixes, or oil and butter from food being baked can splutter in the oven, ignite, and cause a fire outbreak. Therefore, if you are preparing food that is likely to splutter or very oily, cover it up, to keep the rest of the oven clean. You can also use a big tray under the baking pan, to catch anything that might fall out.

Maintain the Oven

Any heating appliance must be properly maintained to reduce the risk of mishaps, and the oven is no exception. Get a technician to inspect and service your oven regularly.

Install a Smoke Detector

The above tips can help, but they don't guarantee you a fire-free experience for your home bakery. Therefore, you should install a smoke detector in the kitchen to alert you in case of a fire outbreak. That way, you can put out the fire before it can spread and cause damage.

The Insurance Angle

Many bakers know the above fire-prevention strategies, but oven fires still occur. You need the right insurance coverage, to help you get back on your feet, if your home business goes down in flames.

Note that standard home insurance doesn't cover damages arising out of commercial activities. Therefore, you will be left to your own devices, if all you have to rely on is your home insurance coverage. Buy commercial home insurance for your home bakery or ask your home insurance for a relevant rider if you want to protect your home bakery business from fire and other disasters. For more information, call a company like Cache Valley Insurance Inc.