Important Things You Should Know About Hail Damage to Your House

Anytime there is a really bad storm in your neighborhood, especially one that includes hail, you should take a close look at your entire home and its components afterward to see if there is any damage from the storm. Documenting the damage right away can help you prove your case, and it can be the best way to start a claim for hail damage. Here are several things you should know as you prepare to file a claim for this type of damage to your home.

How hail causes damage

Hail is just large ice cubes that fall from the clouds during a bad storm. When hail is small in size, it typically does not cause any damage. When it is large, though, it can. When large, heavy objects fall from the clouds, they build up speed as they fall. The speed and velocity of the hail hitting your home and other things you own are what lead to damage from hail. Hail can damage so many different things and it can be very costly to repair these things after hail damage occurs.

Areas to check at your home

After a storm occurs, you should take a close look at your home and around it to look for signs of damage. A roof of a home is something that commonly ends up with damage after a major hail storm; however, this can be hard to see without getting up on the roof to look at it. If you can see damage on the roof when standing on the ground near your home, you probably have major damage to deal with. You should also look at your outdoor AC unit by your home and check your windows and siding. You should look closely at your car, too, as hail can damage any of these things.

Things to know about the claim's process

To file a claim for this, you will first need to contact your insurance company. They will send an adjuster to your home to take a look at it, and this visit will determine if you have damage and if it was from hail. If so, and if your policy covers this, your insurance company will help you work through the claim's process for this event.

If you have homeowner's insurance, your policy will probably offer coverage for damage that occurs from hail. If you have questions about this or just need to update or purchase a policy, contact services such as Skipton Claims Management.