What To Expect After You Get SR22 Insurance

SR22 insurance allows you to stay on the road even after you've majorly messed up. Whether you've had a DUI charge, let your insurance lapse, or have done something else to warrant getting your license suspended, you've reached the point where you've gotten an SF22 form filed with your state. Now what do you do?

It turns out that fulfilling the terms of the SR22 is pretty simple. It might not be easy, but your path through the SR22 period is very clear.

You'll Have to Keep Your Insurance Current

Since the SR22 is linked to your insurance policy, you'll have to keep the insurance current for whatever period the state Department of Motor Vehicles decides. Call them to find out the exact period because, while it's often three years, it isn't always three years. After that, keep that car insurance current and do not let it lapse even a day. You could end up resetting the SR22 time period or worse.

You'll Have to Stay out of Trouble for About Three Years

Think of an SR22 as a type of driving probation. Just as people released from prison on probation have to stay out of trouble during that time, you'll have to keep a clean driving record for the entire time, too. That means not getting so much as a parking ticket. This is not as simple as it sounds, as even the best drivers can end up in difficult driving situations that lead to unintended consequences. And if you have issues such as a problem with driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances, you need to address that, too, so that you don't end up in that situation again.

Also, discuss with your insurance agent whether other people who don't have their own insurance will be allowed to drive your car. Some policies cover whoever is driving the insured car, meaning that your uninsured friend would be covered by your insurance if they drove your car. That could present a problem if you have an SR22 policy and the other person is not that careful behind the wheel. You do not want that person getting into an accident and affecting your insurance and SR22.

You'll Have to Contact Your Insurance Company to End the SR22 When the Period's Over

It's your job to contact your insurance company to discuss removing the SR22 when the required time period is over. The exact procedure for removal can vary from state to state, but your insurance company will know what to do once you let them know it's time.

Talk to your insurance agent, like LA insurance, about the process in your state for handling and removing an SR22 policy. You will get through this period — just be careful.