Meeting Your SR22 Insurance Requirements

Driving is an extremely hazardous activity, and this leads to insurance being required to operate a vehicle. Unfortunately, some drivers have proven themselves to be extremely reckless, and this can lead to them being ordered by the courts to have SR22 coverage.

What Would Cause You To Be Forced To Carry An SR22 Insurance Policy?

Often, SR22 insurance is required when the court has determined that a driver poses an exceptionally high risk. Some common reasons to carry SR22 coverage include being convicted of driving under the influence, operating a vehicle without insurance, and committing other serious motor vehicle offenses. Individuals that have been required to carry this insurance and that fail to carry it can find themselves facing the revocation of their license and stiff fines. While adding SR22 coverage will be somewhat costly, it is essential if you plan to continue using your vehicle.

Will You Have To Carry This Type Of Insurance Forever?

Being required to carry SR22 insurance substantially increases the costs of insuring your vehicle. Luckily, most drivers are not required to carry this insurance on a permanent basis. Rather, there will be stipulations that will allow them to drop this coverage once they meet all of the requirements. For example, a person that was convicted of driving under the influence may be able to stop carrying this coverage once they have completed a substance abuse rehabilitation course. You should always verify with your attorney or the courts before dropping this coverage, as the court will be notified that this coverage has been dropped, which could lead to serious consequences.

Can SR22 Insurance Provide Comparable Coverage To Standard Auto Insurance Policies?

A common assumption by some drivers will be that an SR22 insurance policy will not be able to provide comparable coverage to a more traditional policy. In reality, SR22 coverage is added to an existing policy. This will allow you to largely retain the same level of coverage while still meeting the requirements for carrying this coverage. You will need to make sure that the coverage limits of your current policy meet the requirements set by the court, but if they do, then your insurance may allow you to easily make this addition to your policy. In fact, some insurance companies may allow you to make this change on their website, which could allow you to purchase this coverage in as little as a few minutes. 

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