SR22 Insurance: What You Need To Know

When it comes to car insurance, SR22 insurance is a lesser-known coverage option. In most cases, an SR22 policy is mandated by the court, and you'll be required to carry the policy for a specific period of time before you can switch back to standard insurance coverage. Most people have never dealt with SR22 coverage because they haven't done anything that led to its requirement. Here's a look at some of the most common reasons why an SR22 might be necessary.

You've Driven Without Insurance

Since most states require drivers to carry auto insurance, getting pulled over and found to be driving without that insurance will leave you facing court. In most situations, driving without insurance is considered to be reckless behavior. As a result, many courts include an SR22 mandate as part of the final judgment for your offense. 

You've Been Charged With DUI

If you are charged with driving without insurance, you will typically be required to carry an SR22 for a period of time after your conviction. Since most DUI convictions also come with a suspended driver's license, your SR22 requirement won't begin until your driving privileges are restored. Then, your SR22 period will begin.

You've Driven Without A License

Driving without a license is considered to be as reckless as driving without insurance, if not more so. Most judges don't take this offense lightly, and they will often require that you carry an SR22 as soon as you do have a driver's license issued. Sometimes, your SR22 period is only a year, but in other cases, it could be longer.

You've Been Cited For Reckless Endangerment

Whether it was excessive speeding, failure to maintain your lane, or any other irresponsible behavior behind the wheel, being cited for reckless endangerment as a driver is a serious charge. If you are found guilty of this behavior, you'll often be required to carry an SR22 afterward. The SR22 provides additional insurance protection in case of another loss or violation.

An SR22 is an addition to your standard auto insurance policy. It's an insurance solution that protects your driver's license, and it shows the state's financial responsibility. The SR22 certificate will be provided to the DMV and they will be notified immediately if you allow the endorsement to lapse. That means keeping up with your premium payments, including the SR22 fee that's usually over and above the cost of your standard insurance policy.

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