Frequently Asked Questions About SR-22 Insurance

Some drivers demonstrate a high level of risk and should be watched closely. This is the reason why drivers who commit traffic offenses like DUIs, accidents without insurance, and hit and runs are required to have SR-22 insurance. If you fall under this category of drivers and don't own a car, you have to get non-owner SR-22 insurance. Here are answers to some questions about SR-22 insurance.

What Does SR-22 Insurance Entail?

Contrary to popular assumption, SR-22 isn't an insurance policy. This is a form used by your insurance provider to prove to the government that you will be insured up to the required legal minimum amount. 

The laws on SR-22 vary by state. In many cases, drivers are required to provide this form to the DMV under the following circumstances:

  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  • Repeated traffic violations
  • Accidents without insurance
  • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) 

Can One Get SR-22 Insurance If They Don't Own a Vehicle? 

You can still get an SR-22 form even if you don't own a car. Provided you have committed serious moving violations like DUIs or driving without a valid license, you need this form to regain your driving privileges.

If you are ordered to get an SR-22 but don't have a vehicle, you should first purchase a non-owner car insurance policy. After getting this insurance policy, inform your insurer that you need non-owner SR-22 Insurance. When you pay a filing fee, your insurance agent will arrange to get you an SR-22 form.

What Is Non-Owner Car Insurance?

While standard auto insurance deals with a specific vehicle, non-owner auto insurance covers a particular person. If you borrow a car from a friend or relative, you need this type of protection.

If you have non-owner car insurance and get into an accident with a borrowed car, your policy will help cover the cost of repairing the other motorist's vehicle. Since non-owner car insurance is associated with the policyholder, you are still covered if you borrow cars from different people.

What Does Non-Owner SR-22 Cover?

This cover generally reports on minimum coverage. It verifies that you satisfy the minimum requirement for auto insurance. Therefore, non-owner SR-22 doesn't offer comprehensive or collision coverage. This policy covers the cost of others if you are responsible for an auto accident.

Being involved in a DUI or reckless driving can taint your driving record. You may even get your driving license suspended. To recover your driving privileges, you may need to have SR-22 coverage.

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