What Types Of Water Damage Will Your Home Insurance Plan Not Cover?

Water damage is one of the most dreadful things that can happen to a homeowner. More so, the worst part of the damage is the time and money it takes to bring the home back to its state before the incident. In such cases, the restoration cost might be more than what you can handle if you don't have an insurance policy. However, it is also important to note that insurance policies do not cushion you against all types of water damage. Here are some types of water damage your insurer might not pay for.

Damage from Floods

Flooding doesn't feature in most home insurance policies. Note that the traditional insurance setup excludes damage from flooding water because it ravishes the home and is very complex to repair. However, you can separately purchase special protection against floods. So, before buying an insurance product, you should check whether this liability is covered. If not, ask the insurer what unique program they might have to protect you from this specific risk.

Damage from Rusted or Corroded Pipes

The insurance service providers expect you will take the initiative to maintain your home. Therefore, they believe it is your responsibility to replace rusted and corroded pipes. So, if you have noticed this type of damage to your plumbing, you must call the professionals for immediate repairs. Note that failure will eventually lead to leaks and water damage. Further, unless you have a special arrangement with the insurance company, they will not pay for the liability.

Leaking Roof or Appliances

It is also your responsibility as the homeowner to assess and repair damages on your roof. In this case, an annual or bi-annual inspection can let you know when your roof is developing leaks. On the other hand, if you ignore the signs and it leads to water damage, you might not get any help from the insurance provider. Further, the operational safety of your appliances does not get coverage from homeowners' insurance policies. Hence, you have to make special arrangements for maintenance and repairs and purchase additional or specific plans for it. 

Damages in the Water Mains

Breaks in the main water supply are the responsibility of the municipal council. Hence, your insurer will not take the blame for any damage the government causes. Therefore, you should take the issue up with the responsible parties.

Learning what types of water damage regular home insurance safeguards against saves you a lot of trouble with insurance companies. So, talk to your broker or agent and learn more about their products. Note that getting separate coverage against these risks improves your peace of mind.

For more information about home insurance, contact a local provider.