FAQs About Medicare Supplement Plans And Prescription Drug Coverage

What do you need to know about Medicare supplement plans and prescription drug coverage? Also known as Medigap, a supplement can help you to pay for out-of-pocket expenses that Original Medicare (parts A and B) won’t cover. While you might already know that Medigap eliminates many of your copays, you may still need to learn more about medication-related payments. Before you enroll in a policy, take a look at the top Medigap-prescription questions that have been answered.

3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Auto Insurance Rates in Check

If you own a vehicle, insurance is one of the necessary expenses that you have to budget for. Depending on where you live, monthly insurance premiums can rival monthly car payments. Any way that you can save on your insurance premium can help your overall yearly budget. By being active, you can easily help keep your insurance premium under control. 1. Always Check Rates Even if you love your insurance company, you should always shop around.