3 Vital Auto Insurance Coverages To Add To Your Plan

Auto insurance is probably the most common type of insurance coverage that people purchase. Most people drive in the US, and most people have vehicles. Auto insurance companies let their customers choose their coverage types, which means you get to customize your package. As you begin choosing the coverage you want, you might want to add the following three types to your plan. 1. Roadside Assistance Many auto insurance plans come with roadside assistance, but some do not.

Meeting Your SR22 Insurance Requirements

Driving is an extremely hazardous activity, and this leads to insurance being required to operate a vehicle. Unfortunately, some drivers have proven themselves to be extremely reckless, and this can lead to them being ordered by the courts to have SR22 coverage. What Would Cause You To Be Forced To Carry An SR22 Insurance Policy? Often, SR22 insurance is required when the court has determined that a driver poses an exceptionally high risk.